We are the AdWords of social advertising. BuzzGalaxy has developed a totally new format that turns embedded social posts into programmatic display advertising.

Contact Information

Wally Baker (@BuzzGalaxy)




Wally Baker Co-Founder

Well-known entrepreneur for creating many jobs initiatives and leadership organizations in Los Angeles for 20 plus years.

Rich Rygg Co-Founder

Executive team member that revolutionized online publishing, grew GeoCities into a top 3 website, successfully launched an IPO and sold the company for $3.5 billion to Yahoo!

Willie Lewis Brown, Jr. Co-Founder

American politician who served over 30 years in the California State Assembly, 15 years as its speaker, and 41st mayor of San Francisco, the first African American to do so.

Ronette Kite Chief Financial Officer

Well known Los Angeles CFO involved in many startups. Former COO of Adly and finance head at PriceGrabber.

Zach Baker Senior Advisor

Software engineering innovator in video entertainment and online commerce. Senior Software Engineer at Blizzard, Luxoflux, Sega and Guthy-Renker.

Dennis Regan Chief Creative Officer

Emmy award-winning writer with a wealth of experience in targeted communication for broadcast and narrowcast media.

Steve Lambert Media Advisor

National award-winning newspaper reporter, editor and CEO. Former Media News Group executive, publisher and editor.


Programmatic display ads can’t match the viral popularity, ease of publishing and immediacy of social network content.


An agency can turn embedded social posts into programmatic ad creatives.


Video social post snippet that runs live inside a display paid ad space on publisher sites.



  • 1. Programmatic market potential is $200 billion.
  • 2. Only DaaS that turns embedded social posts into programmatic display ads.
  • 3. There are currently no competitors in our niche.


  • 1. Large advertising agencies
  • 2. Partnerships with Demand Side Platforms and social networks.
  • 3. Publishers needing self-serve advertising for SMB.


  • 1. Fee for delivery and tracking services.
  • 2. Revenue share model for demand-side platforms, ad agencies and social networks like Snap and Twitter.


  • 1. Shut down company-owned DSP and Exchange servers to become default alive.
  • 2. Developed automated snippet codes, real time tracking, and client dashboard service.
  • 3. Beta-tested two political social posts as programmatic video ads campaigns. signed ad agency to revenue share deal.

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